First of all, thank you to all of you who made such kind comments, gave me stars and hearts yesterday for my 7 year Blipversary - all of which were much appreciated.  I responded to many of you, but having spent the afternoon at Mum’s flat with my sister, Karen, yesterday, I was very tired, both physically and emotionally - and I was very cold too by the time I got home, as there was no heating on!  If I didn’t get round to thanking you personally, please accept this as a huge "THANK YOU"  for all the love and concern poured out for me, Mr. HCB and our family at this sad time.

I do have plenty of work to do in trying to tie up all the loose ends of Mum’s affairs, but this morning just felt like doing something “normal” so we decided to go to Jack’s for a coffee and of course, we knew we would meet up with friends.  Trevor, Margaret and Dave were all there, so we chatted to them, but when we were leaving, I decided to take a quick shot of Trevor for the Mono Monday challenge.  Not sure if this will pass as “Low Key”, the theme for today, but at least I tried.  

Trevor is a lovely Christian friend and with his wife, Louise, I know they have been praying for us as a family for some weeks now - so it was good to chat to him and to bring him up to date with all that has been happening.  

We also had a chat with Dave, another Christian friend;  then whilst I was chatting to Trevor, I overheard him and Mr. HCB talking about football and cricket - what could be more normal than that?

I now need to “crack on” and get the various letters done to insurance companies, the Housing Association etc so please forgive me if I don’t comment that much in the next few days.  Mum’s funeral is on Friday 10th January and there is a lot to be done before then.

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, 
     whether in marriage or in friendship, 
          is conversation.”
Oscar Wilde

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