By flavia13


Fairly quiet day today.

Just got too tired to go too far so just popped over to Arnside.  Had a walk along the Prom.  There's always someone fishing here whenever I go, don't know whether they catch anything or what they want to catch, but presumably they do otherwise why keep going back!!!

It was quiet to start with.  Went into the Posh Sardine for a coffee and a browse.  Very friendly staff/owners.   As we came away it was beginning to get really busy, no parking spaces to be had, so we obviously went at the right time.

Then just took the twisty turn ways back via Carnforth and went for lunch at Thyme Out.  It was very busy, but no problems.  Then just had a browse in The Foxes Den and a couple of windows before coming home.  It was beginning to get a little drizzly by then.

Just two more days for Mum so may go over to Hawes tomorrow, depending on what the weather is like.  Then planning on taking the Christmas Deccies down.  I always put them up early but also take then down early too.

Thanks for dropping by and for all your lovely comments, stars and a few hearts, for which I am eternally grateful and humbled.  Hope you are all well.  Stay safe and warm and see you tomorrow.

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