By Photogen

Hairdresser Visit

My hairdresser David loves his iPhone camera and usually has some new pictures to show me when I visit his salon. However, today the tables were turned when I told him about Blipfoto and flipped through my daily uploads online. As my session neared the end I suggested I take a picture of the two of us as my photo of the day. The composition included all the trappings of 3MC's salon - purple cape, magazine, basin, flat TV screen, mirror - and hairdresser, of course! I held my iPhone vertically, steadied my elbows on the armrests and pointed ahead at the mirror. Happy to oblige, David positioned himself behind my chair.
Just a fraction of a second before I captured the image another customer, intrigued to see what was happening, popped into the frame. Although I took another two pictures after she disappeared, I preferred her in it, although blurred by movement, as I think it caught the spontaneity of an everyday moment. Also, the softened visage at David's shoulder made it a more balanced composition. The spontaneous element here contrasts with the two previous uploads - carefully composed stylised shots of a tiny ammonite and a massive granite sculpture.

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