Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair


Now there's a good start to the year!
In other news, I'm starting to make appointments and sort things out ready for travelling next month.
I had an appointment in town this morning then went down to Boots as I had ordered a bottle of my favourite perfume online - well I say favourite but actually it's the only perfume I ever use - because it was on offer at £22 off. Picked it up in store today and discovered the price had gone back to full price today so I was very pleased at the timing.
We went out this afternoon to do various tasks but the whole world seemed to be trying to do the same thing so we ended up having a bowl of soup in Morrisons and coming home again. There's always tomorrow.
Quiet evening in enjoying the University Challenge final. Sad for Richard Coles as today was his partner's funeral, he was most impressive on the show, what an amazingly varied life he has had. I loved the way he said he was the guy who used to be half of the Communards!

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