Who in their right mind goes out to purchase a sewing machine and comes back with a digital cordless telephone answering system?  Me, of course!

Having persuaded Mr. HCB to take me to John Lewis to look for a sewing machine, and being somewhat surprised at the prices, I decided to “think about it” so then we went to look at the telephone sets and ended up buying a new trio of telephones.  Ours had “given up the ghost” a few days ago, after holding on for almost 25 minutes trying to speak to Thames Water.  I then had to ring again on my mobile and spent another 20 minutes querying how, according to their recent bill, a 95 year old, very poorly lady could possibly use twice as much water as two able-bodied people (Mr. HCB and me). They said they will get back to me within 10 working days, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Anyway, back to today - as we walked over to the till point to pay for the said trio of telephones, I saw this poor little armless gingerbread man along with two others who had all their limbs.  The original price on them was £6.50 - although I’m not sure who would pay that much - but they were marked down to £1 each. The “best before” date was 30/04/2020 and I wouldn’t have minded paying £1 for a “perfect” gingerbread man, but not for a sub-standard one, so thought I would try and negotiate a further reduction.  The young lady on the till said she would have to ask her Manager, which she duly did and the result was we got this armless young man for just 50p.  What a bargain and of course, perfect for my Silly Saturday Blip!  Actually, although he is armless, the offending limb was at the bottom of the bag, so I was happy with my purchase and even as I type, Mr. HCB is trying to figure out how to set up our new telephones.  

We walked over to see some friends last night and I took my Canon 50x Zoom camera so took a few shots of the penumbral lunar eclipse of the full moon - see my extra.  Whilst showing them to a friend this morning when we went up to Jack’s for a coffee, he said he would love one of my shots to go on the wall of his new flat and that he would pay me for it!!  I told him I didn’t want anything, but he said he would pay me and I could give the money to charity - how kind!

Thank you all SO much for your very kind comments for yesterday’s Blip - which put Mum at 10th position on the Popular Page - she would have been thrilled - so thank you to everyone who left a comment, a star and a heart - you are a very warm-hearted and wonderful bunch of people.

 The person who does not ask 
     will never get a bargain. 
French Proverb

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