Today I was discharged from Warwick Hospital. Cardiology decided I didn't need a bed as I had improved with the change in medicines, and all the indicators were positive.

Out-patients appointments have been made for both sections, Surgery and Heart Failure, there is still a possibility of a gallbladder operation sometime in the future.

I wouldn't say it was a pleasure to stay at the hospital, after all it isn't a hotel.  But what I can say is if one has to stay in a hospital, Warwick is one of the best I know, and I've seen a few.  The staff, doctors, nurses, auxiliary are all friendly and professional. The doctors make sure you are informed and understand the issues, the nursing staff are caring, helpful and very knowledgeable. The food is good and the beds are ...well hospital beds, I guess designed for efficiency rather comfort, but as I said, the place is not a hotel. There is free WiFi and plenty of charging sockets.  I definitely didn't have any complaints.

Ann picked me up and we went for a celebratory drink, tea and coffee, at The Farm near Stratford.  

These six little piggies were all lined up waiting for someone to take their photo.

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