The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Collector's Item

I like to collect glass bottles and jars. I'm very slightly obsessed. I just like them so much! Especially the lovely little glass pots; they're just so nice! Jars from food products like mayonnaise, spicy paste, and honey, and wine / alcohol bottles of interesting colours and shapes. We don't actually drink alcohol, but our neighbours do. So, when they put their recycling boxes out.... theivery! So maybe I am more than slightly obsessed!

I have now struck a problem, though, which is that I don't really have enough space to put any more glassware. Or not without it looking crowded. I love the creativity in arranging them nicely, and the beauty of the glass. I am sure you will see a lot of my collection over time.... they are very handy things for blips!

The last exam is over! At least, until May. And no more revision! No more physics! And many, many thanks to my (mostly) patient mother who taught me all I needed to know for the exams. Thank you so much Mum! Strangely, it doesn't really feel like a sense of achievement or relief. Post-exam letdown, I think! I'm tired. But we did have a fun time trying on clothes in White Stuff after the exam, even if we only bought a skirt for my mum (having tried on probably nearly 20 items between us). She looks lovely in it.

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