Abstracted Plant.......

The colours are original or as original as the camera will take. Sometimes my camera makes things bluer than I see and of course red is notoriously difficult to take and requires different settings and then changing if you want it to be what you see. I usually don't and prefer it to be some other colour.By chance this is Abstract Thursday but this is not what I call abstract.....Never mind I will tag it for AT hosted by Ingeborg. 

Today it rained and I really wanted to garden or go for a walk. It was too miserable out but a high pressure is hovering nearby so from tomorrow on I have some hope of getting some stuff done........I like getting stuff done.....I'm a bit weird like that among other things !!!!!!

Now I'm thinking that the thumbnail is better than the total photo so I may change the photo to the Thumbnail.......I'll think about that. Anyway I like some of the marks in this photo so I have learned a few things.

Talk to you later. Both of us feel unwell today. Mr AF has not felt well for a while. Must check out Gall bladder problems as his mother had that.......Thank goodness for Doctors and the NHS

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