By mollyblobs

First blossom

The car went into the garage again today - the engine warning light had come on again a couple of days ago, even though the same fault had supposedly been repaired at the end of November. Actually it was quite good timing, as yesterday a neighbour reversed into my car, damaging and loosening the back bumper.

As the sun was shining I went out for a walk round Thorpe Hall. When the sun was out it felt quite warm in sheltered areas, and the first blossom on the cherry-plum was a sign that spring's not that far away. Sadly the could soon built up again, and by lunchtime it was raining again.

I collected the car in the late afternoon. They'd diagnosed a fault with the engine management system, downloaded some new software, fixed the bumper back in place and washed the car - and for once I didn't have to pay a penny! A good day...

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