By suehutton

New Light, New Beginnings

William day, so up at 7.15 am to get ready, and there was glimmer in the grey outside. The days are definitely getting longer already.

A bright, though cold start. No frost on the ground on the north side of The Forest but quite a bit around on the south side. Must show the effect of two differential warm (ish) and cold (relatively) air masses meeting over Beacon Hill.

I dressed the boy up in his onesie, his boots, his hat and scarf and we went for a walk in Martinshaw Wood just outside Ratby. The light was bright and fresh showing up tentative new growth under the trees.

William just had to step in an icy puddle. To be fair the surface would have looked solid. His left boot sank around six inches into the underlying  mud. He was able to withdraw his leg but left the boot in the mud. His sock was encased in mud. I found it fairly hard myself to extract the boot, which was surprisingly clean inside.

I had to make the poor little soldier walk the hundred yards, or so, back to the car, one boot on, one boot off. Luckily, there was a seat in the sun at the gate, William sat there while I retrieved wipes and his shoes from the car. I gave him Basil's lead to hold which diverted his attention somewhat. It was very pleasant in the sun. Muddy sock popped into a nappy bag.

He was quite recovered when we got in the car. At Mummy Meet, I washed the muddy sock pretty clean. It was dry by the time we left.

Motored him back to Leicester at 5 pm and went on to Sileby to deliver a talk on my photos of Hong Kong to the photographic society. Edward Healy, a fellow blipper, introduced himself.

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