Positioning of the Work

After the glory of yesterday its back to reality today and to stealing a photo from my family. Some of you might be interested that this is one of my paintings, in the home of my daughter. She had been eyeing it up for a good few years so that in the end I gave it to her. This is where they put it at the top of the stairs in their new house. It is a painting from art school. Life painting is not my forte as I'm very slow at judging things. 
Anyway it's this photo or a photo of a mower that we are going to sell
I rest my case !

About you comments hearts and stars of yesterday, my 7 year blip.....thank you so much and it looks like you (some of you) do like to read some of the drivel I come up with....honoured I'm sure.

Just a note that, yes it is a nude model painted so no need to report it as it is within an art type context and should not cause any offence or I'll be surprised.......xxxxx

PS Does anyone want to buy our Honda Lawnmower ???? That is a joke btw

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