Choughed to Bits

We made a return visit to the Gurnards Head hotel as they had a promotion on and one of us would get a meal for a fiver. We had a short walk to Gurnards Head before our meal. It was a bit chilly but we were delighted to see a flock of crows ahead of us. The squeaking and squawking and the downturned red bills immediately identified them as Choughs. I didn't have a long lens with me and they didn't stay very close so I didn't get a shot of them but it was lovely to see seven of them flapping about having fun. It seems that 2019 was a good year with a total of 38 young ones fledging.

My blip today is of Gurnards head. It's been a bit of a dull day and I think that's probably how it's going to be for a few days.

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