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By HarlingDarling

Crystals come in many shapes and sizes

This one hangs in the window, in the hall, looking towards the sunrise at this time of year. It's one of my bigger hanging crystals at about 7 centimetres. I bought these bigger ones in Stockholm some years ago and had a pile of them which I shared out amongst friends for birthdays and so on. My stash is now of much smaller ones, but they make gorgeous rainbows anyhow.

So, my blip was sorted really early for once. I cleaned house today - I haven't mentioned this for a while, and that's because I haven't done any cleaning for ages. It was well dusty! Which is nice, because now you can see the difference. I scrubbed the shamefully grotty kitchen table, the place we always sit, the place where all sorts of things get done, messes made etc. Finished off with oiling it, the table looked at me with amazement, "Oil" it said, "haven't seen that in a while"....cheeky. It doesn't look exactly like new, but a lot fresher than it did. 

This domestic stuff was an interlude in the translation work, I filled it with practical things that demand a different sort of attention and the grey matter chilled a bit. My contact person rang to say that everyone was pleased with the translation so far, it had flow, it felt right, it was how they were hoping it would be. Marvellous news. We discussed some odd words that one of the people checking it had found, and they discovered it was rather unfortunately written in the original. Hmmm.

I usually make notes of the weaknesses I think I see in the texts I work with, but it must be said that not all the people on the receiving end of this wisdom are happy to get it. One of my customers never returned.... too much "red pen" I suppose, I am very picky, I do tell them in advance that I am.... The more clued up ones see it as a second check on the wording in the original, a sort of idiot proofing. As I generally don't understand the content of the texts 100%, I am reacting to language oddities, and anything that doesn't seem to hang together - not the research itself, or the theory or what have you. I love working with people who find this as fascinating as I do! I should pay them really. They can pay me richly, safe in the knowledge of a job well done. (must try to keep that business minded focus!)

The Red Cross shop continues to sell their stock of second hand clothes and curtains for a pound an item. I was lured into the shop once more, the promise of material is hard to ignore. I have come home with 6 metres of cream coloured glazed cotton with sprigs of flowers that someone was intending to make into curtains, the side hems are pressed but not sewn. At 90 cm wide, I  think it will make a fair few present bags! My latest cottage industry, but is it an industry if you don't sell things but give them away?

I had a letter from the pension people yesterday as I'm 65 in June I was expecting it. But I wasn't expecting it to say they would start paying out in 2 years time! Cheeky! It used to be automatically 65, but now you have to do something if you want to start being a proper pensioner then, so I wrote them a little love letter this morning, first thing. We're also trying to replace our shower since the thermostat on our 50 year old one has died and we are currently scalded or frozen as it sees fit. spare parts? hahaha, said the man in the shop. ( he also estimated a renovation of our bathroom at some vast amount, our turn to do the hahaha-ing) Another little love letter sent on line to a supplier, we'll see how that goes.

This evening I collected some sheets of gorgeous, exuberant, knock-out Italian marbled paper, they were hand made in the north of Italy. The bookbinding gang ordered a bunch of papers over the net with the help of Kerstin, who has held it all together. They came out at about £5.50 a pop, the sheets are about A2 I think, so we will be able to do quite a lot with them. Some are destined to be hanging untouched on the wall in a nice frame - they are so beautiful. I promise to blip something later!

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