Black Cherry

By AlaBerPhotos


Soon after I blipped yesterday, I had a phone call from school saying to collect my son, as he fell and most probably twisted his leg.
Great, I thought in my head - going skiing next week - even greater but I managed to arrive to school swiftly and after accessing the situation idea of going to Hospital simply disappeared, phew!
He's sore and bruised but nothing else.
I begged him not to play in the adventure playground for at least a week :)

Office work this morning then lunch yoga and ooh cooked this amazing Roasted Aubergine salad with Tahini Dressing as recommended by one of the Mum's I know (thanks Halina - pycha!) ... I can still smell garlic in my breath :)

A xo 

Ps. Recipe from Cookidoo/Thermomix look the link up 

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