By Shutterup


This is what we found in the bird box when we took it down to clean it out today.  Last summer we had a wasp nest in the bird box by the terrace.  We let it be until quite late on in the summer but eventually we had to take action as there were swarms of wasps beginning to make sitting outside impossible.  As we can now see... we were about to be overwhelmed by a whole lot more!!  I was very impressed at the work they put in to making this nest.. we had it on webcam inside the box until they papered over the lens and the nest filled the box.  
We have dismantled the whole box and sanded it down inside and out to remove wasp traces in the hope of attracting another family of blue tits this year.. we would much rather have them living on our terrace.  Fingers crossed.  
I can hear the wind picking up outside ... keep safe and warm everyone as storm Ciara batters our country. I am glad we have lots of candles..

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