Looking In

My favourite mirror in the house, hung on our 'seaside' wall in the hall.  Looking in the mirror to see the open door looking in(to) the lounge.  Thanks to 60plus for hosting today's Mono Monday.

In other news: I saw the GP this morning and he has virtually given me a clean bill of health.  All the excess fluid has gone, I'm to stop taking the extra medication and am feeling almost like myself again (not that that is any recommendation!).  I still have a bit of a cough, this will carry on for a while apparently, now people just look at me although I have coronavirus......I don't, honest!

A blood test later this week and a final (hopefully) appointment with the GP next week should give me the all clear.  Its nice to be able to walk again without stopping every so many yards to get my breath, I can even do hills slopes.

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