love light

By lrw

Going Home (NOT)

What a mess of a day this turned out to be! 

There is a hurricane lashing some parts of Europe and it has wrecked havoc with all forms of travel but especially air travel. :(

Our flight was cancelled last night so we knew we'd be staying another day, at least. But my daughter's flight to Glasgow was apparently still on. We took her to the airport and left her there. Six hours later, three after the appointed flight time, her's was cancelled too. So she came back into Munich. She found there might be a train that night that would get her out of town but there was a lot of uncertainty if it would actually leave that night.

Here we're checking out some of Munich's sights in the evening waiting to drop her at the Hauptbahnhof (train station). 

As it turns out, her train left on time (with her on it) and she made her way home with no further issues.

Our adventures with flying after a hurricane will be the subject of tomorrow's posting ;) ;)

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