Munich, Copenhagen, London, Toronto

Whew, we are exhausted! We've made it home and have a lot of stories to share so it's not all bad and we're safe.

We had the idea to maybe stay in Germany a few more days after the delays caused by the hurricane. Maybe visit some other family. But foolishly, we decided to press on and try to get home.

Because almost all flights were cancelled yesterday, there was a much heavier load today. The best we could do was to fly to Copenhagen then on to Toronto. Except when we arrived in Copenhagen, our TO flight was a problem so we had to fly to London before heading home. This was a lot more complicated than the direct Munich - Toronto flight we had originally booked.

Miraculously, all our luggage arrived home with us. 

Even more miraculously, Karin and I were both in good spirits, tired, of course, but happy to be home and happy to be each other's travelling companion. We seem to travel well together, never getting stressed or upset or melting down, etc. 

But if I ever have any trouble with cancelled flights due to weather, I'll heed that little voice in my head saying - just stay put a few days. Enjoy the extra vacation time! 


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