By Ridgeback13


Busy day but some funny interludes. At one point V, C and I helpless with laughter when I was telling a story about taking a photo of notes and V thought I said nose and wondered what on earth I was on about  - why would I want a photo of a nose?....we all fell about (doesn't sound as funny written down as it did at the time!), and at another point I was telling V a long story about doing domestic science at school and how I'd been showing all my old recipe books to someone at home recently but I couldn't remember who - then at the same time we both remembered it was her! Oh dear, how do we hold down jobs?!
Dashed across town at the end off the day for a final financial advice session - McEwan Hall reflections after a drizzly day looking good -  then home for supper and a bit of catch up (with both work and recorded TV). Started planning Sunday lunch I've arranged...

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