Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Not a lynx

This card arrived from my friend Lis, what a nice surprise!
We have done different things today.
The family went off to look at waterfalls and I stayed home to be quiet and rest up.
I was sleeping a bit oddly last night, with strangely disturbing half dreams, full of dislocated phrases that made no sense but were not conducive to sleep.
So staying at home and doing some resting and reading of my book seemed like a good idea.
I'm not in actual pain, but I do feel weird...the numbness is persisting... and the facial bruising is coming out nicely!
They had a lovely time looking at a frozen waterfall and we have eaten a delicious dinner made by me.
The benefit of letting me have time off!
Lovely to have time with our family, & lovely that we have a dusting of fresh snow.
The forecast is for rain tomorrow but we remain hopeful...!
Jude saw "our" lynx in the forest beyond the field today.
We all stood by the window in a hopeful fashion, but the beast was gone.
They prefer the forest, according to my research.
It feels really exciting that we have a lynx in our area.

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