Is it too risqué?

Today it is raining, in fact pouring down.
The brave guests went out in it, but I stayed indoors and made food for tomorrow and for dinner later today.
Went down to the cellar to get some supplies and found the floor of the earth cellar full of water.
Our house is built on the slope of a hill, so wetness runs down and through, without causing any big problems.
Just a bit unusual to have it happening in February, it's usually April/May!
We are having a "pool day" doing quiet things and sitting in front of the fire. 
I have done tai chi instead of yoga as I'm still feeling a bit fragile. 
My mouth wounds are healing nicely, the numbness is still annoyingly present and the bruising is looking like I've been in a fight.
It was smart to have an earlier night and a restful day...
So I'm having another!
The blip is the breakfast table, faces hidden to protect the innocent.
Today we sat there for over an hour before anyone ate anything, talking, talking, talking.
What a treat this is.

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