Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

The Chamber

The flooding has subsided and for a few dozen in our village it's now the clear up operation and restoration which will take a few months. Luckily we are not affected - thanks for all your kind thoughts.

This afternoon we visited my dad who is a lot better but still getting over the 'flu. He'd been out and bought reduced priced Christmas cakes which was nice - a slice with a coffee!

Afterwards I drove to St Lythans Burial Chamber, a 6000 year old Neolithic construction where the soil once covering it has eroded, whilst Mrs BB sat in the car reading her novel. The sun was going down and I managed to get a star burst looking up over it before it dulled to start sunset.

I worked it out these stones would have seen at least 2,190,000 sunrises and sunsets!

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