By FrauPic

Blue tit taking off

Another backyard bird blip and another day that - if I aim my focus on my personal stuff and look no further - is going just fine. Meanwhile, though, there was another murderous fascist attack in Germany, as they have been so many since the Nineties. Recently, some of my group of friends have been talking about feeling like we're somehow back in the Twenties. Not the Roaring ones. The Fascism-on-the-Rise ones.
Maybe that's not exactly the case. Maybe things aren't THAT grave. For a white person with a European passport, that is. But people are being murdered. By fascists. By institutional racism. By negligence.
Although I'm sorry for darkening the mood here on this otherwise very positive site - I feel we all need to raise consciousness.
Racism doesn't start with a killing spree. It starts with a casual remark about someone's "Otherness" - and then takes its course. Everywhere and everyday. And as racism is becoming popular (again), fascism is, too.
Smash it!

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