Time flew, we were having fun

Here they are, our lovely visitors, leaving on the 11.05 to Arlanda.We have done three loads of washing, sorted out the red house a bit, turned down the heating and accepted our losses. As always, it feels dislocating to have the place to ourselves.... and lovely too, but mostly not.

Anders (see him in the extra) popped round unexpectedly, and he is aways a lot of fun to spend time with. That took the edge off things very nicely. Coffee and cheese sandwiches were taken. So were painkillers and penicillin as the mouth is far from entirely happy. The numbness continues, it's not total thank goodness but pins and needles, tingling and a fat feeling is tiring after a while. I hope it goes away eventually!

I used some of the beeswax found in the charity shop, and made 5 waxed wraps for food. I found instructions on the internet and gave it a try. I have acres of wax left! It needs the merest shaving of beeswax to change soft cotton into stiffer waxy cloth. We'll try them out and report back. They look quite convincing, apart from the fact that hot wax releases the cheap dyes in the cotton cloth I bought for pennies in the charity shop a week or so ago. I thought it would make pretty cloths, and it sort of does, if you don't mind a shadow of the purple flowers in pale red! Prettily pinked edges though, all very posh-looking.

The weather has gone bonkers really, pouring rain, huge floppy snowflakes, more pouring rain. I am glad the guests are not here to endure it, and I feel ashamed of my part of Sweden for being so inhospitable to people who have travelled far to get a taste of the whiteness of our winter wonderland. Bah! Humbug! It has to be a very early night tonight as we just had a short night, due to the five of us not being able to tear ourselves away from each other. - and tomorrow we have an early start for a whole day of film viewing. 1900, well over 5 hours long.

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