A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Completed three of our Panto performances and first matinee today. The first Act often concludes with slapstick and here we have a shot from the decorating scene where one of the decorators ends up wallpapered to the wall! Think it’s Wally appropriately. 
Very silly and perfect for the kids in the audience to enjoy so ideal for the Silly Saturday challenge. Not much time for more or comments as after a quick tea we are back tonight for performance 4.
( Another first last night, as we were getting changed my friend and I were told someone was waiting to see us by the outside door. It was our Pilates teacher and her friend who had been in the audience and brought us each a little gift! Never had  ‘stage door groupies’ before! We then went to the pub with them and enjoyed a drink and chat, rounded the evening of perfectly - will probably go again tonight!)
All jolly good fun.
Oh yes it is!
Thank you for all your love for yesterday’s Roe Deer, on p2 of popular

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