Well most of the day was taken up with the Bernardo Bertolucci film 1900, over five hours, with a break in the middle for lunch. Class struggle, fascists and peasants, landowners and lost souls. It was well acted and very sumptuous, with a few very violent scenes during which I had to close my eyes. I was made in the 70s so the actors were young and fresh faced types, Robert de Niro, Gerard Depardieu for example. Excellent music by Ennio Morricone, and lots of positive takeaways for the Socialists of the Left Party who organised the showing. Our friends Roger and Livia (who is from Rome) enjoyed it too - all five hours and more! She thought it was a shame the songs were not translated as they held important keys to the action.

We drove south to Sundsvall for this, and they don't seem to believe in gritting their streets there. Keith went flying and added some more bloody damage to his already damaged hand. I teetered and slithered into the road where there was at least a scrap or two of grit. When we came out of the cinema about 6 hours later, the ice had all melted away. It has been mild and sunny all day. Weird.

The antibiotics seem to be making some impact now, and I am not in as much pain. I am still not feeling any normal sensations in my lip and on that side of my mouth, but I remain hopeful that this will resolve itself as the swelling disperses.What a performance! I can smell the medicine on my breath, in my sweat and also on the loo - it must be all-pervasive stuff! Thinking how dangerous an infection like this could have been prior to the marvels of penicillin. My mother had an aunt, Theresa, who died in her thirties from TB, her son Bobby Swift only made it to 21 before he too died. These pills would have made a difference to them...

The wax cloths have been remarked upon so here's a link to follow. The easy version! I have a feeling they would be more substantial and take in more wax if I used thicker material so I will experiment a bit. Keith is off to the northern Italian alps shortly, and coronavirus is currently closing down towns very nearby. We are watching and waiting. The photo is one of the 4 regular deer boldly wandering through the garden this morning, we later saw him again - plus the other three. We hadn't seen them since the lynx called, and were wondering if they had become dinner!

Wishing you all a good start to the working week, I will finalise the translation tomorrow and send in my bill soon after. Then the books will have to be done, the tax man is calling!

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