By Yorkshirebred

Snow day

Community choir was cancelled this morning.  A little snow had fallen, but no gritters had been out so it was chaos on the roads here and in the surrounding villages.  I decided to go up to St Ives Estate to get some snow pictures.  It was raining by then and the ice under the snow was melting.  The water was 3/4 of the way up my boots on most of the paths, and my waterproof is obviously no longer waterproof!  I slipped and slid my way around the estate, and only met 2 other people, but it was lovely to see the scenes in the snow.  The main photo is the estate cottages where my hubby lived.  The extras show the amount of water in the normally tiny streams, the snow covered trees, the lake, and the misty field on the way back home.  Still have to back blip my weekend photos - hopefully tonight!

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