By LenBageDigital

Tragedy written in stone

I walked up to Earsdon village again yesterday. It's a pretty little hamlet, no more than a couple of kms from our house. I ended up taking some photographs in the graveyard of St Albans church, a vast area stretching a long way down the hill at the back of the church. Much of it is overgrown these days but the stories that fill the place are amazing. This headstone to Margaret Aynsley struck me. She died in 1876 at the age of 59 but the headstone shows what tragedy she must have endured. 
She bore three children in the 1840s, all of whom died - William Edwin, aged only 12 days, William, aged 7 months and Thomas aged 2 years old. For a mother, I can only guess how devastating losing a child must be but to lose three so young when only in your mid-20s yourself? Tragic.

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