A day in the life

By Shelling

Full day

This morning I rehearsed with Bengt for our Evert Taube concert. The music is beginning to fall into place now and sound secure, finding a value of its own in our version. In a week we are doing a small informal concert to some friends, invited to give us some feedback before the actual concert on the 12th of March.

The afternoon has been used for recording music, instead of playing it. I was asked to help some friends record four music pieces that are going to be the background for some actors to sing to, all part of a play around one of the more influential Kalmar families. I don't do this kind of thin often, in fact I haven't done it since I was working, almost a year ago. There are hundreds of technical things to think about and quite a lot of electronic equipment too, even though we only were three people playing and me recording it on the computer. All went well, we managed to get four tunes recorded during four hours. There were of course also preparation time so all in all we were at it for about six hours. A good days work. Now follows the work with adding tracks of more instruments and then mixing and getting the final sound files ready for the actors to start rehearsing. It will hopefully be ready during the second half of March.

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