Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Reedbed therapy

I went for some reedbed therapy (not 'redeemed therapy' as the autocorrect would have it) this afternoon at Leighton Moss.   An escape from the rain and the drabness, though not from the water. The reserve is submerged. Mindful of my sore big toe, I thought I could at least get to Lillian's Hide in my walking boots, but the volunteer on Reception insisted I would need wellies. He was right, I had them in the car and it was then a wade all the way to Grisedale Hide.

There wasn't a lot of birds to see, a few teals and gadwalls, and a pair of mallards that paddled after me along the flooded path. And of course, the omni-present robins which appear every 100 metres or so hoping for a hand out.

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