Desperately seeking

By clickychick


We got a surprise this afternoon when The Man noticed a male sparrowhawk sitting on the squirrel feeder.

At this point, anyone observing us, would get a good blip. Instantly we see a sparrowhawk in the garden we drop onto hands ard knees and grovell around the room locating camera equipment. Both of us mutter something about not having the right lens on.

Crawling to the far side of the room, one of us turns out the lights. Then, and only then, do we risk gradually rising up in front of the window to aim the cameras. Our job was made harder today as the vertical blinds were open, but across the window, rather than been drawn to one side. This causes a lot of white reflection on the glass.

My opinion is that he's just finished his meal. I can see feathers in his right claw. Gosh what sharp talons when viewed magnified!

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