If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Looking out from Sharrow Bay.

Mid afternoon found us along "the back side " of the Lake (the side away from us if always the back side).  We don't often visit as it makes quite a long trip when we are usually just looking for a blip.  However it is convenient from the Lodge, particularly so while the bridge is still out at Pooley.

We stopped at a number of places, eventually reaching Howtown, after squeezing past a Tractor and Trailer so large you felt it could have driven over the car without touching us.  We set off along the Lake shore path only to turn back, Clickychick's blip will show you why.

My blip is from a couple of hundred yards away from the "country house hotel" Sharrow Bay (named after the bay it stands on.  There wasn't much colour, so unusually for me, I have decided to use it as a mono shot. 

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