By SilverLady

Nature Diary... A perfect ending

After so many gloomy days it was wonderful to wake at the start of the meteorological first day of Spring to beautiful blue sky and streaming bright sunlight. What a sight to lift one’s spirits! The birds were back feeding enthusiastically at the feeders and when most of them were away during their ‘afternoon nap time’ a little Dunnock sat in the same spot gazing round peacefully for about 15 minutes, obviously feeling safe and probably enjoying the warmth of the sun. A lovely day to enjoy just about anything while the ‘living in the moment’ philosophical attitude was basking in the sight of blue sky and sunshine and the ‘forward thinking’ attitude was looking forward to the beauty that normally comes with the Springtime and the Summertime. Time to think about checking the condition of the little garden tent - a place to sit and sketch even if it’s a bit windy in the garden- and to feel glad it’s been safely stored away during the winter months. Time to think about the outdoor painting kit, the fold-up picnic chair, and the lunch bag and flask ready to pack in the car boot and to head for the park, the river bank, the beach, or a viewpoint on the cliffs, there to sit and ponder, to gaze around and eat ‘pizza sandwiches’, to photograph anything and everything of interest, and to make one’s mark in a sketch book in watercolour with either pencils or with paints. Such things to think on with hope and with optimism. And then… just as the day was slowly starting to bid farewell, a brief lightweight shower announced its presence and left in its wake a most beautiful rainbow defiantly claiming the stage with promises of wonderful days yet to come.

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