Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Today we visited the treaty grounds at Waitangi, where the Maori signed a treaty with the British.  The agreement was signed by the chiefs in Maori, but some also signed an English version.  This has led to several disagreements (which continue to this day!) over what the agreement actually agreed.

We had a tour of the grounds and then watched a cultural show featuring Maori dancing and posturing before having lunch in their cafe.

I've been to the treaty grounds before - way back in 1982 - but it didn't ring any bells for me, other than I remember the flag pole (first extra) but I may be remembering a photo.

From there we drove through to our base for the next couple of days at the bottom of the 90 mile beach, taking in a couple of points on the coast on the way.  We also stopped at a waterfall, which features in an extra.

After takeaway burgers for dinner we retired to our accommodation for the evening.

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