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By HarlingDarling

That's the spine off then

The main is an entry for mono Monday, nowt to do wit' bible!

In extra number one you can see the huge family bible that is my bookbinding project this term - and possibly next! The very tired and damaged leather spine was carefully prised and sliced off the spine of the book block itself. This took an hour, perhaps a little longer. You can see the residue of bone glue and leather dust which I then spent another hour scraping off, but not damaging the paper underneath. The front and back covers have parted company with the rest so to stabilise things the bible is now in a clamp, which makes working on the spine a lot easier. I have worked out where the loose pages go and which ones need attention. I'm going to learn how to laminate them with very fine Japanese paper that is finer than a moth's wing and a divil to handle. This bible is from 1860, the first imprint was made in 1857 and the commentaries by Henry and Scott take up more than half of each printed page. There's one very like it here!

The returned wanderer slept the clock round, finally emerging at gone 11 this morning. We have had a sunny - if short - day at 7 degrees so the beautiful white stuff is once again turned to mush and or ice. (I skidded three times driving in town this evening, black ice is less fun than it sounds.) Had a stroll down to the lake and checked out the level of slushiness. One of our relations was in court today, for the second time, trying to resolve the financial settlement after her acrimonious divorce. We were thinking of her, praying and generally feeling concerned all day. Courts are not kind places, and barristers are not hired by ex-husbands to be kind to the "other side". There has to be a better way than this.

Bookbinding was delightful, having Keith back was delightful, black ice was interesting and not scary as I was driving very slowly all three times, the sunshine was cheerful, the full moon was amazingly big and bright, corona has not come to Bötsle and we have food on the table, heat in the house and love in our hearts. Many many reasons to be grateful.

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