Darling Dabchick

The moon was shining beautifully brightly last night when I took Ollie dog for her last wee wee. Complete cloud cover this evening so no chance of seeing the Worm Supermoon rising. :(

I was thinking the other day that I hadn't heard the whinnying call of the dabchick for a while and presumed that it had moved on. I was therefore delighted to spot it on our neighbour's lake this morning. I'm not sure what the plant is, it could be horsetail rush. Whatever it is, it would make a good safe spot for a nest.

I took MrQ to the town hospital for an appointment regarding his ARMD. We're delighted that the NHS is going to fund a course of injections. Workmen were putting the finishing touches to a Coronavirus Pod. I thought they were erecting a lamp standard. It turned out to be a closed circuit camera. 

PS The plant is bog bean.

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