Gitama's World

By Gitama

A Very Brave Visitor...

...I don't know if this was the guy that was taunting Romeo a few days ago...but from my desk I could see him/her alight on the deck (Romeos favorite spot really)...a bit wet...and really bloody brave.

I had to check where the feline was and was ready to take action incase he wanted to pounce...but as luck would have it he was curled up asleep in the boys cubby house/tent oblivious to this birdies presence...even when he started to sing.

The boy still at home and getting a bit restless....we think he is well enough to go to school but aware that we need to take responsibility that he could pass it on. Mind you ....some folk send their kids to school in terrible states of snottiness...but then some of those don't have anyone to look after the kiddywinks when they need to go to work......I reckon the girl is lucky to have me.

I think there is a lot more rain on the way...the black cockies (Australian equivalent to the thunder bird) were creating a racket for most of the day.
How lucky am I that I get to listen to their chatter and songs through my open door enjoying a wee cool breeze.

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