Capital adventures

By marchmont

Changing Skyline

A very unphotogenic day. I started off with a trip to the Klinik where RM35 got the required needle stuck in my arm, advice on my toe (not worth x-raying, there's nothing they can do, rest and it will recover in a couple of months) and a discussion on Covid-19 (no panic, cases probably unreported, anyone requiring tested needs to go to hospital).

A visit to Jaya then home to mayhem caused by 3 lots of workmen booked to fix water heaters, lights and look at, but not fix, an AC unit.

A bit more sleuthing NZ Landels, 2 hours at the pool and then home to cook tea.

Later I had a video catch up with the Principal and a follow up call with F.

The view from the balcony is changing. The new Somerset building stands out like a sore thumb above all the Desi Sri Hartamas low rise. And if you look carefully to the right of the towers on the left you'll see Merdeka One rising. When finished it will be the tallest building in SE Asia and second tallest in the world, I'm told.

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