The one that got away

Nine years ago, in my early weeks in Blipland, I posted a photo that was taken down by Blip Central, on the grounds that it had a frame. (Frames were forbidden in those days.) I was disappointed as I hadn't framed my image at all. I'd taken a photo of the foam on the surface of my bubble-bath, then I'd played with colours and tile-effects, to create an abstract, but I didn't argue.

However, when I came across the image today, I realised it remained an itch that I needed to scratch. The rule that the photo has to be taken on the day it's posted has also been relaxed now, so here it is - the one that got away.

Last night was another sleep of two halves - but the halves were slightly longer and, though still full of cold and cough, I do feel a bit better today.

Thanks for all the lovely responses to my chessmen's latest visit yesterday.

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