Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Windy all night and all day.   Had to take a walk away from the water.   Haven’t had a shot up here on the top of our hill with this much sun on the labyrinth for awhile so here it is.  Not sure I can leave all this world trouble in the center of the labyrinth... Haven't seen a human since Sunday.   
This morning I dialed into my Tai chi class on my ipad….. (Zoom app …from her phone) )  now that is an interesting concept. (extra…my lovely teacher on the right) 

The list of closures gets longer and longer.   today the Seattle School system finally gave in…it was inevitable.  Two weeks starting tomorrow.   (I keep thinking well, what happens april 1 when all is still the same???)     The biggest problem is they don’t have the resources or budget to do online learning or give all kids an equal a computer to use.   and you know the libraries aren’t going to be able to keep up.   Wow.  Fiona came home with homework today for the first time, which she proceeded to do!!!!!!! and says she’s going to use this time to read more. (Can you just hear her teacher?)

For now we are staying put…..  I wouldn’t have her over with my cough anyway.  which I wouldn’t think twice about, in normal times.   will they ever come back?

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