By stujphoto

Haddington Infra Red

AS I have not done any infrared photography for some time I decided to take out my Canon 5D camera which has been converted to infrared and I went down to the riverside at Haddington as I knew there were some nice trees around. My first problem was that though I have half a dozen batteries which fit this camera hardly any of them had any charge left in them (remember to prepare your equipment !)

My second problem was the fact that my L-bracket on this camera was too small for my tripod head so it was moving around.

The third problem I encountered was the fact that I am now using a different computer to process my images and Lightroom did not have this camera's IR profile.

Still I made the best use I could of the Silver Efex software  and was reasonably pleased with the end result. As it's winter time and there is limited foliage about the image is not too affected by the white areas of foliage. which IR gives.

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