Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

In the pink

Football yesterday. We played a series of up-to-10 games. After winning the first two games, I swapped with someone from the other side and proceeded to win two more!

I’d gone to bed when I got a call to say that my brother was unwell and he and his wife were due to pick up their eldest from Stansted. So I had a last minute journey there. Picked him and friend up from the medium stay car park where they had a pick-up/drop-off point. Which was good but, in the meantime, I’d gone to the short stay car park where They thought that they were heading. I had to pay £8 to get out!
Late night but, luckily, brother was feeling a lot better.

Today was the last of our strike days. Finished off the decorating and tidied up.

This was from eBay,- a Record Store Day edition from last year.

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