By FrauPic

My bed. Mine.

Mauz being Mauz, but I may have a chance to slip back under the duvet later. If I ask nicely ;)
Corona panic has reached Bremen by now. Schools close - my colleagues have to maintain afterschool daycare, though, while all teachers have time off!! I feel for them - and if I weren't officially at home on doctor's orders (it's not corona, mind!) I'd be up the barricades.

Also, I just read that public libraries stay closed until mid-April, so I'll have to re-read all my own books until then. Boooooring!

Knee is healing fine, however, and local supermarkets were still full of goodies here last time I looked. I've enough vegan dry goods to last me for months but I'd like to stock up on green stuff sooner or later next week... But that's first world problems!

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