By spannarama

To infinity and beyond

Focus fail - I should have focused to infinity, but thought the focus highlight was telling me to pull it back a bit from that.  I think I was wrong.

Back into the office again today.  Didn't feel too bad, but not really any better than yesterday -  just tired and glandy now.  Got a reasonable amount of work done, but I've realised I get a whole lot more done at home!  

Char's birthday today.  Her sister had messaged me last week to see if we could arrange drinks, so I'd rallied the troops and Liz turned up at 4:30pm to surprise her.  Her face was priceless!  Took a few seconds for the penny to drop, and then she looked very happy.  We'd all started getting a bit nervous about going to the pub, given the current situation, so Maw sought permission from our boss to have drinks at work instead, which we did.  It was a lovely evening.  I'd thought I'd only stay for a half hour or so, but I actually ended up staying until around 7pm.

Then home via the highwalk, and spotted the top of Tower 42 lit up like the old TV test card :)

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