A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 321 :: MM321 :: Observe

My image, if you are observant, is not very clear. It represents my day. 

6am: Judges for forthcoming photo club competitions confirm they are willing to come to meetings.

12noon: met up with a new member who is keen to get involved.

2pm: receive a message suggesting the church, where we hold our meetings, had sent out a message but not to me.

2.05pm: asked our member who received the message to tell me what was said.

4pm: Still waiting for a reply, Boris due on TV.

6PM: After a game of golf and having his tea the recipient of the message reveals a confirmed case of the virus amongst the congregation and all bookings of halls are cancelled. 

Now the fun begins with mass emails, social media updates, etc, etc. all to observe the protocols of our time. Judges will judge from home. 

The image is of Matilda out on the street. The 3 images were all stacked and converted to B&W in camera. 

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