Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At How Caple: Sunset from the wood yard

The wood yard is normally a green and brown place. In the surrounding area, tall trees reach up and dominate the yard. They also feel quite protecting in a strange way. Maybe its the contrast between the height of the living trees and the horizontals of the stock piles of laid down trunks.

I read in my friend, Adrian Beckinghams book, 'The man from Story Mountain" that there is a tribal culture that refer to trees as 'Poli'. Poli meaning people. I read that they have the same respect for trees as they do for people since the same tree would provide not only heat for them, but also strong material for shelter. The same tree would also provide the canopy for the food that they hunted. In short, the tribe believed that a life without the tree would be the same as a life without fellow tribesman. No life at all.

This old oak is in the field that the wood yard looks onto. When I drive back into the yard after each delivery, its a beautiful sight to see. It stands and watches the people rushing about. It was a lovely ending to my day to finally meet the old oak, and we were both rewarded with glistening snow and a sunset too x

PS: Adrians webpage is The Man from Story Mountain..., he also has a Facebook page...I certainly recommend booking him as a speaker....we are always mesmerised when we hear him story tell!

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