By Superfly

A little exercise during the lock down

Before restrictions were put in place, I really needed to exercise. Now I can't, unless I download and print out a form then fill it out each time. All well and good, but frankly I prefer not to spend time out there with people.

Mainly because I had a bit of a serious healthscare 9 years ago.
Still got a bit of a cough as well, from the bout of flu I had 3 weeks ago. A case of cutting down the risk and keeping trips out down to essential ones. The shopping will need to be done at some point, but apart from things like bread and milk, we have enough to get by.

I worked out that if I walked 15 return trips down our drive, that equals 1 kilometre. About 200m more than a return walk to my daughters primary school. For now, I'm going to do that daily, just to get some fresh air and keep the circulation going.

So this is the 3rd lock down day and this morning we heard one of Isa's colleagues has contracted Coronavirus. He works in a totally different department, but it has been a worry for all concerned. He started to feel ill last night, so it has been caught very quickly.

From a distance she said goodbye to him last night. From today Isabelle is now working from home. It probably won't be for long as the big boss of the company has decided to close down the business until the 1st of April.

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