A Cat's Solution

At times of crisis - sleep!

I haven't been anywhere today so a cat blip is the obvious answer. Otis has his paws tucked in demonstrating how relaxed he's become in the (coming up for) four weeks since he's been with us.

Although I haven't been out, I have tried to be a bit constructive today. I returned to my exercise regime that seems to have lapsed over the last few days as I remain glued to the TV in case I miss a bulletin. I also set about having a good clear out in my room where so many things are lying around where I've put them down as well as the wreckage from packages that I haven't cleared away.

I've also been approached by someone I know in the village about doing some aerial photos for the Heritage group, so I'll look forward to doing that soon. Next week looks good for some flying weather with some sunshine to make the photos look good.

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