My Shopping Trip

We went for our weekly shop today. Jack wanted to go very, very early or late in the evening. I fancied neither. So we went at 10.30am to Morrison's. I had been dreading it but was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was quite busy and yes, there were empty shelves but staff were filling them as soon as the supplies came into the shop. There were lots of older generation shoppers as well as younger families and there was a lot of smiling as people stood aside to create distance between us. It was a bit like Xmas without the turkey and tinsel.

What didn't they have? Flour, lentils or any kind of beans, porridge, toilet rolls and all the sanitizing liquids. And tomato puree....except this one tube which I bought for my chum Clare who needed some. So there was a lovely variety of fruit and veg including fresh much as you wanted. But any bottled or packaged tomato....puree, passata more than 2 items.

I came home quite happy. Let's see what next week brings.

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