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Pee the Bed

Otherwise known as dandelion in polite company. Don't want these in my garden thank you very much, no matter how bright and colourful they look.
Today was not a good day. One of those days where reality kicks in and your head goes into a bad place. I think largely due to the fact that I didn't sleep well last night.
Went out to Tesco this morning, when I thought it would be quiet and I could avoid people. I kept my scarf over my face and my gloves on all the time I was out of my car and then took them off again as soon as I got back in the car. I noted that the loose rolls are now being sold in individual bags which oddly enough I thought about when I was in the other day. Their rolls are delicious, and now hygenic too. I never thought I'd be looking for extra packaging. Today we each had one with a sausage in for lunch, I'm a Lea and Perrins girl when it comes to sauce on sausages while Colin goes for ketchup.
I did a bit of doing things for people, so sad to go to somebody's house to drop something off by leaving a bag at their door and not having a hug, or saying hallo and having a cuppa as normal.
I dropped off a packet of Spaghetti at another friend's house by leaving it in a bag tied to her car door handle. She'd made a batch of bolognaise sauce last week then discovered she'd no pasta. I went through my cupboards yesterday and discovered I had 3 unopened packs of spaghetti, all in date too, which was impressive, so now I only have 2, she was very pleased.
I've set up Skype on my laptop and ipad ready for Mothering Sunday tomorrow... how did this happen?
Watched a bit of the Ant and Dec show this evening where they did a wind up on Bradley Walsh and the quiz game 'The Chase' . Not my usual thing at all, but this was hilarious. I don't usually watch their show, I do watch the Chase though and this was just what I needed.
Keep well everybody

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